Monday, April 7, 2014

another move??

I moved! Again! And I'm quite happy with the new apartment, I'd like to stay here. I've put up all of my art on the walls, and also my weaponry. It's still a work in progress though, there's furniture missing and the books are still boxed. But spring cleaning sure was easy, it was just mixed in with the move.
I also rollerbladed around town with the dogs this morning, so they've been conked out on the floor ever since. XD That was super fun.
I'd lost my camera for the move so only recently I took it out and could finally send nail pics. Today I did a quick manicure- half moon nails with Golden Rose matte velvet turquois and a Dalia sparkly gold and a matt top coat from Perfect Chic. Pictures of nails and apartment below the cut!

and here is nemo, conked out on the sofa

both Nemo and Dory hanging out by what'll be the art corner

and my weaponry wall. :D

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