Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Dory's Collar

I was at the pet store, looking for a new collar and leash set for Dory. Nemo's was easy because I just bought him a black collar and leash which are super easy to find. However, I always try to buy them different things so other people can see the difference between them (they seriously don't look exactly the same though, I promise).
So there I was, cruising through all the collars and leashes, wondering what color I liked best that wouldn't make people automatically assume she was a boy (why is that even a thing?). And then I spotted this leash in a beautiful turquoise color and it was strong enough for Dory! That's when I found out that they didn't have a matching collar! Why would they even put it out if it didn't match anything? In fact, the only other thing they had in that color was another leash, a narrow one for small dogs.
That wasn't going to deter me, though. I bought both leashes and went home. Then using buckle parts from an old collar, and the narrow leash doubled over itself, turquoise thread, and a lot of time and a few needles, I made that sucker into an awesome collar.
By the way, the trick is to melt the holes you painstakingly make in the collar. You bore the holes with whatever you can, it's really tough stuff though so don't use a pencil like I did. And then you light a match and go around the edges of the hole which melts them together so they won't make the material fall apart.
Pictures under the cut.

yes she's wearing a bandaid on her ear. She was in a bit of a fight with Nemo over a rawhide bone. :P  She's like a little kid, not realizing that a bandaid doesn't magically cure everything. Silly Dory.

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