Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Sofa Cover

You have a sofa, but it's stained beyond cleaning, or torn, or peeling, or you'd prefer that none of these things happen (it's a concern! especially when living with pets!)
You need a sofa cover! But it's hard to find a cover that perfectly matches your furniture. And a blanket just won't cut it. You could have in done by a furniture repair place, but that would be expensive and a schlep to move your sofa all over the place.
Time for DIY.
You're going to need basically all of the measurements. In fact, I suggest drawing the thing and writing the measurements on the drawing.
But then you get to choose your fabrics! Anything you like! It's like getting a whole new sofa personalized to a tee!
I used fluffy brown and cream for the pillows.
cut cut and stitch stitch and you're done. It takes a while but it's worth it. Nemo certainly loves it.
And the sofa is saved, at least for a little while longer. :)

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