Tuesday, October 1, 2013

*Continuation of post 1*
Blue nails:
Doctor who, of course. I didn't do tardis nails however, because Fedoraharp did.
I did make that tardis blue though. Just in case.

Violet... nail: I only did the thumb. It's based on how Google says actual violets look like- not just random flowers.
B&W + Half moon nails: Yes, rather literal.
Metallic + Gradient: well, it was worth a try. but gradient-ing metallics kinda ruined the gleam.
Rainbow + Stripes:
Polka dotted nails:

Animal print nails: 
I had so much fun with these! and I went a bit nuts and used actual fur that Nemo had shed to decorate and texturise my Nemo themed nail(this time, the dog). :D

Flowers + Delicate:
Tribal print:
These are actually based on a mola (sewn art) that was given to me by my panamanian grandmother, so it's accurate. :)

Glitter nails:
This was an interesting one. They are actually done on a layer of tape on my nails, since i was wearing a manicure I didn't want to take off.
Galaxies + Movie = Star Wars of course!!

Inspired by a color + a song:
Caribbean Blue (by Enya)
Inspired by a book: Terry Pratchett

(continued in the next post)

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