Friday, October 4, 2013

So I figured it was about time for a post about Nemo, the dog in the title.
He's a lab mix, and he's the most adorable, most playful, most cute- nearly one year old dog around.
He knows lots of tricks. He can sit, lay down, play dead, give a high five, jump, stand up, and turn around. And he's well behaved too (most of the time).
Anyhow, the weather here is just starting to get cooler, but I decided to get a head start. It's commonly known that small dogs get cold in the winter, but many don't realize that large dogs get cold too. Only the shorthairs of course. So from lack of available big dog sweaters, and also a lack of money and patience to knit anything, I sewed Nemo a dog coat today.

I made it by hand, and it didn't take long. It's a very simple design. It's two layers of cloth- inside is fleece, and outside is a very warm and cozy faux fur that I bought on a trip to visit family internationally. I actually bought the outside layer because it reminded me of Nemo's, so it's fun to see it right alongside his fur. :)
A friend of mine with a huge fluffy sheddy dog is going to provide me with some stuffing for in between, but in the meantime it still works. And he loves it! When I take it out he practically jumps right into it!
Here's pics.

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