Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Liebster Award!

Liebster Award!

I can't believe I have an award, so soon after I began the blog.
Fedoraharp nominated me for it. :)

This award exists to draw attention to new and unknown bloggers, because us little people deserve some love too :) You have to have under 200 followers to qualify (so I qualify by a nice wide margin, huh!)

The rules are as follows: 
  1. Link back to the blogger who nominated you 
  2. Answer the 11 questions given to you by the blogger who nominated you 
  3. Nominate 11 other bloggers with less than 200 followers 
  4. Go to the blogs you nominated and notify them of your nomination 
  5. Give your nominees 11 questions to answer.
let's get started. :)
Q. What motivated you to start blogging?
A. This past 31 day challenge. :) I decided to participate, and Fedoraharp put my nail pictures up with hers,    but I decided after that to start my own.
Q. What's your favorite design (of your own)?
A. Definitely my tribal nails, which I made for the challenge. Sentimentality, mostly. I miss my grandmother (she lives far away), and this manicure was based on her cultureIn fact, I liked them so much I couldn't take them off the next day and ended up doing the next manicure on tape stuck to my nails.
Q. Besides nail art, what else would you like to blog about?
A. I also blog about my dog (Nemo), and other hobbies, projects and interests. :)
Q. What unexpected challenges did you have to overcome, either as a blogger or an artist?
A. So far the only challenge I had to overcome was the difficult task of doing a manicure each day for a  month. However, I sort of failed, and ended up blending a lot of the themes together in order to catch up.  Maybe next time. :)
Q. Any lemmings right now? What are they?
A. I do more nail art than specific nail polish collecting, so I don't try so much to know about any polishes I  don't have. However, I'm on a lookout for a good tardis blue, for sure. And a nicer gold than I have now.
Q. Who inspires you as a blogger and an artist?
A. Obviously Fedoraharp inspired me both to get into nail art in the first place, as well as starting a blog.
Q. What's your favorite finish?
A. Anything that doesn't smudge what's under it. I'm still on the search, so I don't know yet.
Q. What nail care item or technique can you not live without? (anything from cuticle oil to dotting tools is fine)

A. My tiniest paint brush. I use it with nail polish, for the art.
Q. If you could make one subtraction and one addition to #31DC what would they be?
A. I would add fandom nails. And if I had to subtract something in order to put that in, I could live without half  moon nails.
Q. If you had to start a collection from scratch, how would you go about it?
A. Luckily, I don't. If I had the money to spend on all the polishes I'd want (seriously, this hobby is  expensive), and I had to START OVER, I'd first get some basic colors. I do a lot of mixing, and I do a lot of  drawn art, so that would be enough for a start.
Q. We all know that funky nails can draw the eyes of random passers-by. What's your favorite story of a  stranger reacting to your nail art?
A. When I was just starting out in nail art, I had done this water marble. I went with it to the little store where I  bought cheap polishes often, and the cashier loved them and made me show her how they were done. :) I  think that was the first time I did somebody else's nails, too.
Since I am new to actually blogging and following blogs, I knew none of these before today. However, now I have done my research and have followed all of them. Thank you, Liebster award, for creating an opportunity to find awesome new blogs. :)
I have no  idea if they fit the criteria, btw. I don't know yet where to check how many followers they have. Also, I think I put in a few too many. Oh well. I don't think I could choose one to take off.

Now, for my list of questions (some are original, some are not):
1. What's your favorite kind of manicure to make/wear?
2. When do you like to fit nail art into your schedule?
3. We all know that funky nails can draw the eyes of random passers-by. What's your favorite story of a stranger reacting to your nail art?
4. What other hobbies/interests do you have, other than nail art?
5. How much time do you typically dedicate to nail art, and how often?
6. What nail art tool do you use the most?
7. What inspired you to get into nail art?
8. What is your favorite nail blog to follow?
9. Which design (of your own) are you most proud of?
10. Besides nail art, what else would you like to blog about?
11. And for fun, if you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?

I can't wait to get replies! :)
Still waiting for those puppy pictures of Nemo.


  1. :D you even copied my lil thing about having easily few enough followers to qualify! *giggle*

    1. :D true. And having one follower (you), it's just as accurate for me too.

  2. Hi dear, I just nominated you for Sunshine, Versatille, or Blogger Friendship Award. You can choose one. Well, I know it’s weird but you can check out here :D http://vicandhernails.blogspot.com/2014/02/again-with-awards-liebster-sunshine-and.html