Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Hi! This is my first post on nemonails blog!
Since you don't know yet, this blog will be devoted to my nail art and my dog, Nemo. Occasionally there will also be other pictures or references, just for fun. :)
As such, I am uploading the 31 day challenge of nail art in one post, so it will be here, even though the challenge just ended. This is the challenge I refer to:
Right. So here are the nails this challenge inspired. Sometimes I combined two themes, so I could keep up.
Red nails:
Orange nails:
Of course it's nemo! what did you expect?

Yellow nails: rubber duckies
Green + Water marble:
 (continued in post 2)


  1. Lovely! Those are all brilliant nails! (Will you be doing Nemo's? :P)

    1. Thanks! Haha, no, no painting of Nemo's nails. Something tells me he wouldn't especially appreciate that. :D

  2. Welllllllll you know, they *do* make nail polish for dogs :D
    I don't know why it exists but there you go!

    1. :D Yes, but still doesn't mean he'd like it.